Teaching workshops in Art and Design


I am an Art teacher and professional Artist/Illustrator and currently working as a Teaching Assistant at Cotham School in Bristol. I have had 15 years experience of working within the Special Educational Needs at primary and secondary school level, where my duties included providing support to students in all curriculum subjects. My approach to teaching is studious but relaxing as in my teaching I employ humour and visual resources as well as academic teaching. I am familiar with the curriculum across the Key-stages. At Cotham school I also practice a form of Art therapy called ’ Drawing & Talking’; which is designed to boost children’s confidence in learning and behaviour and also improves their communication and social skills.

I have been running workshops in Art and Design at Sidcot School in printmaking and Life drawing for children and adults. I taught a number of workshops in a variety of printmaking techniques to GCSE and A level students. At Sidcot School I held evening classes in Life drawing for students Y10 to Y13.

At Cotham School I instigated a paper installation project involving all K3 tutor groups. The paper installation ‘Bubble’ was inspired by a modern technology, every day messaging via Facebook or texting. Approximately 300 students participated in the project with their contribution in writing memorable quotes of their choice on strips of paper. The paper installation was then developed and put together by a group of students. The final shape of installation resembled to a big speech bubble which was then suspended from the ceiling in the hub. To my surprise, students had great respect, sense of achievement and admiration for the hanged piece.


At Cotham School I held an extra curriculum art club in printmaking for a group of students Y7. A few years back I collaborated on a pottery workshop that had been organised for SEN students at Cotham School, which assisted in improving the students’ social skills and communication as well as their art skills in clay. We were proud to show wonderful pottery works at the exhibition organised at the end of term. We also invited parents as well as students and members of staff to celebrate the students’ achievements.

I also run workshops in printmaking, especially in Collagraph printmaking techniques for adults, at the Spike Island Studios in Bristol. During annual exhibitions at the studios, I led demonstrations and tutoring in order to promote printmaking to the general public.